Cloud Foundry the Open PaaS is finally Open Source!

Posted by ezmobius Sat, 16 Apr 2011 01:09:00 GMT

Wow, so it looks like I haven’t posted on my blog since last August when I decided to move on from the company I helped found (Engine Yard), it’s awesome to see how great they have done since I left. Makes me sure that I made the right decision and left the company in very capable hands. But now it is time to talk about what I’ve been working on since then ;) I’ve been lucky enough to join the team at VMware that built/is building the Cloud Foundry project. Cloud Foundry is our implementation of the open platform as a service (PaaS) idea that we’ve been talking about for a while now. It has been interesting for me because I am used to tweeting and blogging all the time about what I’m working on day to day, but I’ve had to keep quiet about this project until now. I’m stoked that I can finally talk about what we’ve been working on in the Cloud Foundry engineering team. Now keep in mind that this is my personal blog so anything I say here should be considered my personal opinion and not that of my employers, so blame me not VMware if I say something out of line here … ;)

This team I had the honor of joining at VMware is full of rock stars. I was ready for a change where I had lots of folks way smarter then I am to look up to and work with. This team is by far the highest caliber team I’ve worked on since the Engine Yard engineering team, which is, also chock full of awesome. But I feel that this whole Cloud Foundry project is truly a game changer and since it is open source it naturally falls on my shoulders to try and help build the OSS community around the project. So my new role as Ruby/Rails/Cloud Foundry Evangelist here at VMware will allow me to help steward the OSS project and try to help build a great community around Cloud Foundry. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the team building this platform within VMware and I’m very happy to finally be able to talk about it in the open. I’m even more excited that VMware has decided to release Cloud Foundry under the Apache2 license as a fully open OSS project! That means I can talk tech with you about the implementation and you can actually go to github and download the source yourself and follow along. There is a ton of stuff to talk about, here are a few tidbits that can get you started.

Cloud Foundry is on github here:
The VCAP repo is the meaty part or what we call the “kernel” of Cloud Foundry NATS (Internal Messaging) here:
Cloud Controller here:
Droplet Execution Agent here:
Router here:
Health Manager here:

For the deep dive and details that I’ve written go here to the Cloud Foundry Blog.

Look forward to much more content around the technical aspects of the Cloud Foundry Kernel in the coming weeks and months.

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You got ur Erlang in my Ruby

Posted by ezmobius Thu, 30 Apr 2009 18:56:00 GMT

Here are the slides from my keynote this morning at the SF Erlang Factory conference:

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More info on Vertebra

Posted by ezmobius Wed, 30 Jul 2008 20:52:00 GMT

I gave a talk on Vertebra today at Pivotal Labs. This time it was a bit more technical then my last talk at railsconf as the system has evolved since then. We’re working furiously on this thing and hope to have the first release very soon.

We will be opening up an early beta for a few folks so if you have some wicked cool idea you want to use Vertebra for get in touch and a few people can get added to the early access.

Video was taken today of the talk and should get posted online within a few weeks.

Slides are on slideshare here if you cannot view the embedded version below.

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EngineYard hires Evan Phoenix to work on Rubinius

Posted by ezmobius Thu, 24 May 2007 03:40:00 GMT

I’m really stoked about this. I think rubinius has so much potential that I am really happy to be able to support it. Starting next month Evan Phoenix is going to be working here at EY half time on ey tools and such and half time on rubinius.

For those of your who aren’t familiar with rubinius you can read a bit more about it here. It’s a new implementation of ruby done in a smalltalk style with a small core VM written in C and almost everyting else written in ruby. Really, even String and Array and definied in ruby. Rubinius is going to open up core ruby hacking to the masses as the internals won’t be a bunch of gnarly C code thats really hard to grasp.

There is still a lot of work to get rubinius to 1.0 status but hopefully hiring Evan will help speed the process. I think we have a great platform to abuse rubinius on here at EY to help it become production worthy.

I love my job folks. I get to play on phat hardware and get to hire some of the smartest hackers around. This is great!

Rubinius FTW!

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RailsConf Talk Suggestions?

Posted by ezmobius Wed, 19 Apr 2006 19:27:00 GMT

I will be speaking about Rails Deployment amongst other things during my talk at RailsCONf this June in Chicago. I wanted to open up a discussion here about what the audience would like to have me cover.

So this is your chance to let me know what topics or issues you would like to hear about. Mostly the talk will cover deployment issues and server setups and whatnot. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve as well ;)

So tell me what you want me to talk about in the comments and you can help shape my presentation!

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Rails Workshop For Good

Posted by ezmobius Mon, 10 Apr 2006 04:28:00 GMT

I’m proud to announce the Workshop For Good Rails class I am teaching.

It is a two day intensive workshop teaching Ruby on Rails. I will be teaching it along with Jeff Casimir and Amy Hoy of slash7 fame.

The workshop will take place Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st from 9AM to 5PM. All activities will take place at the César Chávez Public Charter High School Capitol Hill campus at 709 12th Street SE, Washington, DC, 20003.

This workshop is cool because all proceeds go to benefit the César Chávez Public Charter School. This is an underfunded public high school in DC.

I am donating my time to teach the class because I believe in helping out where I can. The two day workshop is only $400($200 for students) So it is a bit cheaper then other rails workshops I see going on. If you can make it to DC in late May please do. The class is targeted at beginner/intermediate Railers. But I promise to cover whatever you want to see if you are already more advanced with rails.

This is a great cause so please people, link to this site or blog about it a bit would you? I would love to sell out and give this high school as much funds as we can ;-)

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My RailsConf talk proposal was accepted!!

Posted by ezmobius Thu, 16 Mar 2006 23:47:00 GMT

So I just found out that my talk proposal to speak at the First Internationl RailsConf was accepted!

I am totally stoked and honored that I was chosen. There were a ton of talk proposals to go through to come up with a final decision and I am very happy to say that I made the final cut.

My talk will be about rails deployment. And I hope to have the beta release of my Rails Deployment book released in pdf form before RailsConf.

Thanks to the organizers of RailsConf and a deep thanks for letting me speak. This event will go down in history as rails mindshare grows and grows. It’s been an exciting ride on the rails for me. I stumbled upon rails when I was trying to decide whether to learn python or ruby as a step up from PHP. The original screencast sealed my fate and the last 19 months on rails has been an eye opener to say the least.

I will see you all at RailsConf and look forward to putting faces to all the names of folks I know from irc or the rails and ruby-talk mailing lists and all the other railsers I only know from cyberspace.

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The Book.

Posted by ezmobius Mon, 30 Jan 2006 23:44:00 GMT

So I have been very busy with all my jobs and projects, especially the book. It is coming along well though. I am still on target to get a beta release in late March so stay tuned.

Sorry i haven’t been updating my blog much but I have been otherwise involved. Hopefully I won’t let it go so long between posts.

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A community effort book

Posted by ezmobius Tue, 20 Dec 2005 23:07:00 GMT

So i am busy writing my book over here. It’s a ton of work let me tell you. But it is going to be very rewarding.

The book is turning out to be a community effort of sorts. I have a few of my favorite and most respected rails developers writing parts of the book(topfunky & technoweenie) and the author of the great lighttpd webserver is going to personally cover the configuration of lighty in detail.

So if you don’t see me on the rails list or on #rubyonrails as much anymore you know where I went ;-)

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Rails Deployment Configuration Book

Posted by ezmobius Fri, 09 Dec 2005 18:31:00 GMT

EDIT: This book has been picked up by the pragmatic programmers. It will be available as a beta book pdf for download in March. Then the final printed version should be available in early summer. Thanks for all the interest and stay tuned for more announcements.

I’m thinking about writing a small sized book on rails development and production environment configuration. Sometimes it seems like every other question on the rails mailing list and on #rubyonrails is about fcgi or server setup or some issue with deploying or installing rails and friends.

I have spent a great deal of my time with rails on getting the configuration of the server and underlying architecture running just right. And it seems that most information about this stuff is spread out over the rails wiki and hundreds of other blogs out there.

I already have quite a bit of this stuff written in my notes and I have written a few detailed tutorials here on my blog as well. But I have started organizing this stuff in a high level overview and have written the first few chapters of this book already.

My question is this: Would you be interested in purchasing a book like this? It will most likely be released as a DRM Free PDF only at first unless I get a publisher interested. I have sent a proposal to the wonderful for me to write one of their Pragmatic Friday PDF’s. I hope they will take me up on it ;-)

I think this is one area of rails development that gets swept to the wayside and doesn’t get nearly enough attention. And the info that is available is fragmented and contradictory at best.

Here is a very preliminary table of contents:

  • Intro to rails environments and overview of what we will cover in the book.
  • Installation of your development environment on all the major platforms(OSX, Linux, BSD, Windows)
  • Practical techniques for development on your own or working with other developers remotely.
  • Migrations
  • Production Environment Theory
  • Apache/FastCGI or SCGI
  • Lighttpd/FastCGI or SCGI
  • Daedalus/Daemon Tools and friends for keeping your servers running no matter what.
  • Switchtower
  • Other Helpful Tools for Your Arsenal.
  • Shared Hosting.
  • VPS or Dedicated Hosting.
  • Stories of Successful Rails Applications Already Running in the Real World.
  • The Impact of Ajax Techniques on Your Server Load
  • Code Snippets and Samples for Accomplishing Things the “Rails Way” and Making Sure You Make Sane Decisions that Will Scale Later.
  • But Can Rails Scale? ;-)
  • Wrapup and Discussion of High Level System Overviews.

    So please leave comments about anything I might be missing that you would like to see in a book like this. And if anyone want to help out and thinks they could write a chapter or two on something they know a lot about I am all ears. And do you folks think this would be a good idea and worth spending a significant amount of my time on?

    Thank you for any suggestions or comments.

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