Merb 0.1.0

Posted by ezmobius Fri, 19 Jan 2007 05:02:00 GMT

This is mainly a big fix release. The 0.9.0 release had a bad app skeleton. I have fixed this problem.

I also added support for freezing the merb framework into your app for portability. Just deploy the entire app and no need to install the merb gem on your server.

A few refactors and updates go in as well. Gem install merb in a few hours when the gem propogates.

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Merb 0.0.9 released

Posted by ezmobius Mon, 15 Jan 2007 01:54:00 GMT

I have just released version 0.0..9 of Merb to rubyforge. Within a few hours you should be able to gem install merb and get the new version.

There have been a ton of updates since the last release. It’s now easier to get started with merb. There is an app generator as well as mrblog, a lightweight blogging engine build on merb(not finished but good for examples)

Merb is running in production on more then 12 apps that I know of. Some of these apps are handling insane amounts of file uploads every day. And a few javascript tracker style apps are running on merb now for speed.

Here is an excerpt from the changelog. I know I missed a ton of stuff because merb has grown twice as much code since the last release and is working sweet now.

* Added merb app generator  $ merb -g appname
* added super snazzy error pages and stack trace. install the coderay gem to get syntax highlighting of error code pages.
* many fixes for efficeincy of overall framework. 
* extensiuve refactoring since last version
* form helpers
* template caching
* production test and development environments.
* upload progress built in now. no need for mup gem.
* added helper system.
* Updated merb rails session parasite mode.
* vendored Paginator gem
* added memory sessions
* added transactional yaml store.
* before and after filters, with very powerfult filter chain halting and redirection
* refactor merb_server to be in the framework and not in bin/
* catch_content and throw_content
* updated routing tobe more precise
* added status codes module
* added Request object
* added Merb::Mailer frameowkr
* fixed up exception handling 
* added basic auth mixin
* added drb service provider
* refactored merb halnder for speed
* added Enumerable#injecting
* too many more tweaks to list

You can get your own merb app started in a few steps with the new app generator:

$ sudo gem install merb
$ merb -g myapp

And you can look at mrblog to see a merb app with a decent amount of functionality to see how merb works a little bit easier then the old sample app:

mrblog svn

And the rdoc has been updated quite a bit as well:

Merb Rdoc

Stay tuned for some detailed tutorials on making a secure file upload/download server with merb and integrating it with your rails app.

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Merb 0.0.8 released

Posted by ezmobius Sat, 16 Dec 2006 18:49:00 GMT

I am happy to announce the release of Merb 0.0.8. This release is a huge improvement over the last release. There are too many changes to list. So here are some highlights:

* Performance optimization of mime parsing.
* Refactoring of entire codebase. 
* reorganize layout of source files.
* Added GlobaleHelper that all view can use. 
* Helpers named after the current controller will be available in the view as well as global helper.
* Added support for returning an IO stream from your controller.
* Merb::SimpleModel is a transactional yaml storage for smaller projects.
* Cleaned up the app_skeleton, it is now up to date.
* Added Merb::Const module to incapsulate constants
* Added HTTP status codes module
* Optimized and improved the ViewContext object
* Added rails session parasite mode
* Added new improved ActivceRecord session store. much faster
* Added Request object to encapsulate all helpers that use the headers to grab info
* Added merb_upload_hanlder for upload progress.
* Added merb_upload_progress class. if only one merb is being run then it will just load the upload prgress class in memory. When more then one merb is run, merb has a drb server that gets started and holds the state for the upload progress meter.
* Added merb_exceptions for custom, exceptions
* Added Kernel#aquire, like require on steroids with glob
* Huge improvements in the before/after filter code
* Added after filter capability to Merb::Controller.

I am working on a tutorial that I will post this weekend as a quick primer to getting started with Merb. The rdoc is improved though now and has some good information. The new implementation of befopre and after filters is really sweet too.

sudo gem install merb


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Merb Mailing List

Posted by ezmobius Thu, 30 Nov 2006 19:58:00 GMT

I have finally got a mailing list on rubyforge for discussion of all things Merb. Please join if you are workign on merb apps or want to help with the framework or have any other questions.

Join the Merb Mailing List

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Merb 0.0.7 Released

Posted by ezmobius Thu, 30 Nov 2006 03:44:00 GMT

I have just released Merb 0.0.7 as a gem. The docs are updated at:

Here is the changelog:

* added respond_to 
* added json POST body to be parsed into params 
* added configurable log level 
* added before filters. :symbols or Proc's 
* added :include and :exclude hashes to before filters. 
* merb cluster works better. pid files work with monit 
* added merb_drb_server 
* added drb session container 
* added support for mongrel_upload_progress 
* added nginx_send_file and send_file methods 
* improved dispatching speed. 
* keep mime parsing and route recorgnition out of mutex 
* only mutex around places that can call ActiveRecxord objects. 
* Improved memory profile with fastthread 
* uses fson if installed falls back to json 
* added basic auth module and filters. 
* changed default template extensions to .herb .jerb and .xerb for html, js and xml 
* added many helpers 
* add start of framework specs built with rspec

I hope to have some real tutorials RealSoon Now™. Enjoy!

Rdocs and README Merb Trac and tickets. Merb svn repo

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Merb 0.0.5

Posted by ezmobius Thu, 02 Nov 2006 03:00:00 GMT

Merb 0.0.5 is released in gem form. This release adds the following niceties:

  • ActiveRecord migrations.
  • Merbjs ajax template handlers
  • Layouts for templates
  • Merb IRB console
  • X-SENDFILE header support
  • Rendering partial templates with partial(:posts)
  • Improved Routing
  • New Daemonizing code
  • Built in merb_cluster support for starting multiple instances
  • Quite a few code and documentation improvements

Merb is moving pretty fast but it is getting to the point where it makes it pretty easy to make standalone web apps. It also plays nice with rails as a little secret weapon to speed up parts of your app and as well for file uploads. It is very surprising how much functionality I have been able to fit in 420 lines of code ;)

Feedback and feature requests are welcome as always.

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