Cloud Foundry the Open PaaS is finally Open Source!

Posted by ezmobius Sat, 16 Apr 2011 01:09:00 GMT

Wow, so it looks like I haven’t posted on my blog since last August when I decided to move on from the company I helped found (Engine Yard), it’s awesome to see how great they have done since I left. Makes me sure that I made the right decision and left the company in very capable hands. But now it is time to talk about what I’ve been working on since then ;) I’ve been lucky enough to join the team at VMware that built/is building the Cloud Foundry project. Cloud Foundry is our implementation of the open platform as a service (PaaS) idea that we’ve been talking about for a while now. It has been interesting for me because I am used to tweeting and blogging all the time about what I’m working on day to day, but I’ve had to keep quiet about this project until now. I’m stoked that I can finally talk about what we’ve been working on in the Cloud Foundry engineering team. Now keep in mind that this is my personal blog so anything I say here should be considered my personal opinion and not that of my employers, so blame me not VMware if I say something out of line here … ;)

This team I had the honor of joining at VMware is full of rock stars. I was ready for a change where I had lots of folks way smarter then I am to look up to and work with. This team is by far the highest caliber team I’ve worked on since the Engine Yard engineering team, which is, also chock full of awesome. But I feel that this whole Cloud Foundry project is truly a game changer and since it is open source it naturally falls on my shoulders to try and help build the OSS community around the project. So my new role as Ruby/Rails/Cloud Foundry Evangelist here at VMware will allow me to help steward the OSS project and try to help build a great community around Cloud Foundry. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the team building this platform within VMware and I’m very happy to finally be able to talk about it in the open. I’m even more excited that VMware has decided to release Cloud Foundry under the Apache2 license as a fully open OSS project! That means I can talk tech with you about the implementation and you can actually go to github and download the source yourself and follow along. There is a ton of stuff to talk about, here are a few tidbits that can get you started.

Cloud Foundry is on github here:
The VCAP repo is the meaty part or what we call the “kernel” of Cloud Foundry NATS (Internal Messaging) here:
Cloud Controller here:
Droplet Execution Agent here:
Router here:
Health Manager here:

For the deep dive and details that I’ve written go here to the Cloud Foundry Blog.

Look forward to much more content around the technical aspects of the Cloud Foundry Kernel in the coming weeks and months.

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