Ruby Deployment and Engine Yard as a Service

Posted by ezmobius Tue, 18 Nov 2008 20:54:00 GMT

I gave a talk today at the #prorubyconf on Ruby Deployment, past present and future. You can view my slides below.

We will start doing some private beta testing of our new EY platform in December so let me know if you want to beta test and havce some interesting apps to run in the cloud.

Ruby Deployment
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  1. Scott Fleckenstein said about 1 hour later:
    We'd love to get some more information about/beta test EYAAS here at Get Satisfaction
  2. Ted said about 2 hours later:
    We'd love to be in the beta. We already have an app on your system :-)
  3. Ted said about 2 hours later:
    Oops this time with e-mail.
  4. Ninh Bui said about 2 hours later:
    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend this talk, so I'm interested in seeing what the caveats you've experienced are and have asked you in the comments section on to send us a more detailed description of the problems you've experience so that we at the very least can take a look at it :-) Cheers, Ninh
  5. ezra said about 3 hours later:
    @Ninh I'll get in touch with you guys when I get back home and we can try to work out the issues. I'll happily eat my words if I can get a stable setup on 64bit gentoo.
  6. Ninh Bui said about 5 hours later:
    Awesome. As for word-eating, that won't be necessary ;-), as I have absolutely no problems with you saying that you've got problems with REE in your particular situation and am keen to at least take a look at it, i.e. try to reproduce it. I do however think it's an entirely different matter to state that **because** it doesn't work for you guys on gentoo 64bit, it's **therefore** more appropriate for small VPS/shared hosting. There's a growing number of counter-examples of very large sites (see and using REE and Passenger to successfully serve millions upon millions of request per day respectively. Unfortunately, I haven't heard what you've said during your talk, but judging from what I read on these slides, I just wanted to point that out as well. Looking forward to hearing from you. :-)
  7. Willem said about 10 hours later:
    I agree that it is inaccurate to say that Passenger is only suitable for small VPS/shared hosting. Passenger has proven itself many times in very large sites/deployments, as per the testimonials from users in the links that Ninh provides in his comments. (One could certainly run large sites on mongrel/nginx or thin/nginx, but Passenger is a very viable alternative to consider as well.)
  8. Justin said about 18 hours later:
    Wow, that looks awesome. We're on EY now but we've been thinking about how we can use EC2 to handle spiky batch processing. Sounds like a solution is in sight.
  9. keymone said 1 day later:
    what about database? will be a painful bottleneck if this setup will feed from mysql. another question - if it's built around mpi in erlang is it possible to write dispatchers in any language for instance in erlang itself(which is probably most efficient)?
  10. Luke said 2 days later:
    I would love to beta test EYAAS, have been itching to try out Vertebra since you first mentioned it. Happy to provide more details about the service we are working on if you want via email.
  11. dish said 6 days later:
    I personally love NGIX, with Mongrel! Just like you! Thanks
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  14. HGH said 13 days later:
    Great slides! Thanks
  15. andy said 23 days later:
    I'm moving some non-rails apps to DreamHost to run under passenger. I think passenger is flaky. Passenger screws up the gem_path. You can't test your apps by running them in a console or under the debugger. Bleh. Yes dreamhost is cheap for small apps. But there has got to be a better solution than passenger...
  16. dreamhost coupon said 29 days later:
    Andy Passenger is flaky, thats right. But dreamhost is so cheap. I added a link to their coupon. I just used that site to get 1 year hosting for $22. I am sure Merb would out perform rails on dreamhost. Thanks

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