Merb 1.0

Posted by ezmobius Sat, 08 Nov 2008 06:08:00 GMT

Umm, w00t! It’s been a little over two years since merb was a twinkle in my eye, and a pastie. Since then it has undergone many drastic transformations, working its way towards a very solid, fast foundation for people to build their homesteads on.

It’s very exciting for me to see it grow into what it wants to be, based on the awesome merb community that has popped up around the project. It just shows that if you put in the work on something you love, polishing every little corner it will attract other like minded individuals and they will help you take the project to levels higher then your wildest dreams.

So, gem install merb and get the 1.0 final now, it is propogating its way through the rubyforge tubes. If you can’t get it from the ‘forge yet then you can get it from our gem server:

gem install merb—source

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen with code, feedback and blood, sweat and tears. It’s been totally worth the effort IMHO.

The merb is dead, long live the merb.

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  1. spicyj said 12 minutes later:
    Congrats to everyone who contributed!
  2. Maxime Guilbot said 12 minutes later:
    Thanks for all your efforts, it's really fantastic! Long live merb!
  3. Mark Turner said 21 minutes later:
    Fantastic news!
  4. said 28 minutes later:
    Congratulations to the team SoftMind
  5. roberto said 35 minutes later:
  6. Benjamin Yu said about 1 hour later:
    Congrats on the 1.0 release.
  7. random8r said about 2 hours later:
    w00t! ;-) Wicked news. Now I'll have to do some how-to's ;-)
  8. Koen Van der Auwera said about 2 hours later:
  9. Matthijs Langenberg said about 2 hours later:
    I can't wait to upgrade my apps. Good work everyone, let's celebrate!
  10. Matt Harnaga said about 2 hours later:
    Great work! I love Merb.
  11. DAddYE said about 3 hours later:
  12. FH` said about 4 hours later:
    Congratulations guys, Happy Birthday!
  13. Robin Kaarsgaard said about 4 hours later:
    Woot! Congratulations all around! Can't wait to try everything out!
  14. Ludo van den Boom said about 4 hours later:
    Nice! Congratulations! You folks have done a hell of a job at a framework that I've fallen in love with :-) Keep up the good work!
  15. Jonathan Conway said about 4 hours later:
    Fantastic news and great work!
  16. Paul Klipp said about 5 hours later:
    Congratulations. After using Merb on a few of our internal projects, I'm eager to start sharing it with my clients. It's been a delight!
  17. David Parker said about 6 hours later:
    Congrats on the release! This is a big step; looking forward to using the latest!
  18. Rahsun McAfee said about 6 hours later:
    Heck Yes! It's ALIVE! Great job Merb core and contributors!
  19. Vivek Sharma said about 7 hours later:
    Great job Ez & team! I'm already pulling the latest gems.
  20. Murray said about 8 hours later:
    Merbie, baby, I always knew you'd make it to 1.0. Those other frameworks can't hold a candle to you. Call me!
  21. lowell said about 8 hours later:
  22. Vivek said about 8 hours later:
    Congrats! Great work! Although I can't get to install using JRuby though.
  23. Seth Engelhard said about 9 hours later:
    Congratulations! This is very exciting, I'll be updating my apps momentarily.
  24. liusong1111 said about 10 hours later:
    Congrats! It will shake the WEB world and it is the point I dive into it. thanks.
  25. Thibaut Barrère said about 10 hours later:
    Thank you for taking this to 1.0. It's changing my days :)
  26. Jan said about 10 hours later:
    This is really great, congratulations. I think your next efforts should go towards some documentation. Most of what I found online was pretty outdated and/or incomplete. The merb source is very nice to read but by nature not well suited to get an introduction or an overview into the framework.
  27. Max said about 11 hours later:
    This is really great -- truly a great contribution to the online web development (and OSS) community! Now that's it's hit solid 1.0, I feel more confident writing tutorials and recommending it to friends...
  28. Nick said about 11 hours later:
    Congrats Ezra and the Merb Community! It seems like just yesterday we were all eagerly sitting at MerbCamp excited for it's future.
  29. Duane Johnson said about 11 hours later:
    Nice work you guys! I wish I could have been more involved these past few months, but you exceeded my expectations without me! lol
  30. raggi said about 12 hours later:
  31. Bruno Michel said about 12 hours later:
    Congrats to Ezra & all contributors.
  32. Antonio Cangiano said about 12 hours later:

    Congratulations to you and the Merb community, Ezra.

  33. Viktors Rotanovs said about 15 hours later:
    Congratulations, and thanks for all the excellent work done! I've been using Merb for almost a year now, and was always excited by level of quality even in before-1.0 releases.
  34. Dan Mayer said about 15 hours later:
    Congrats I am a fan of Merb, we are using it on our current project.
  35. Kieran Johnson said about 16 hours later:
    Congrats guys, can't wait to start using merb more
  36. Ryan Allen said about 20 hours later:
    Very good! :) Can't wait to jump in, finally!
  37. Alexander said about 20 hours later:
    Great news. Unfortunately, my Merb app no longer works ater upgrading. I did "gem install -r merb" and even an empty test app generated with merb-gen fails to serve requests:
    $ curl http://localhost:4000/
    curl: (52) Empty reply from server
    No errors in the log. Inserting some debug log statements shows that Merb gets as far as Request#handle, where it calls dispatch_action, which neither returns nor throws an exception (huh?).
  38. C. Villalobos said about 20 hours later:

    Well, I was there when Django hit the 1.0 mark and wrote the backend code for my company's website in that. Now I have another client and this time, I am coding it in Merb 1.0. Spiffy.

    And thanks to all the contributors and bug squashers in the lighthouse. Very quick turn-around on the one bug that I ran into (which was fixed earlier this week).


  39. said about 24 hours later:
    Well done. That is great news!
  40. Tung said 1 day later:
    Wow, congrats!
  41. DaVinci said 1 day later:
    Great! I hope 1.0 DataMapper is near.
  42. AJ said 1 day later:
    Hell yeah! w0000t
  43. Wiktor said 2 days later:
    Hurra. Great!
  44. Jaroslaw Zabiello said 2 days later:
    Now it's time for adding i18n integration and Merb will be complete solution out of box. There are also some rumours that DataMapper will switch to JRuby since January. And maybe next step for Merb would be good integration with real object oriented database like db4o? Potential competition for pythonic Zope3, why not? :)
  45. said 3 days later:
    Good!i have using it !
  46. Hubert Łępicki said 4 days later:
    Wow, that's great! Can't wait to try it myself in some big project. However, I think I'll wait for a book on Merb being released first.
  47. adit said 4 days later:
    congratz, hope the book will be released soon
  48. Jonathan Nelson said 7 days later:
    fantastic job! congrats ezra and all contributors.
  49. Mathias Stjernström said 8 days later:
    #37 Alexander: Try re-install your ParseTree gems. Remove them all and reinstall. More information at /Mathias
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  53. manish said 25 days later:
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