MerbCamp Keynote and Introducing Nanite

Posted by ezmobius Sat, 11 Oct 2008 18:41:00 GMT

Just a quick post to share some news. I just finished giving my keynote at MerbCamp about past and present merb and the core tenets of merb development.

I also introduced Nanite: self assembling cluster of ruby processes

You can watch the full video of my talk here: Keynote Video

WMV format ^^ Thanks to Matt Jaynes for mirroring the video on a higher bandwidth connection

And you can see my slides on slideshare below.

Merb Nanite
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Thanks to all the merbcamp organizers, the venue is awesome and I have never spoken at a ruby conference that streamed all of the talks live. Very cool setup here.

I will follow up with some more posts on nanite and the what why and how of it shortly. But you can get a pretty good overview of it by watching my talk.

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  1. Michael Klishin said about 8 hours later:
    Nanite is very useful stuff. Thanks for yet another innovative Ruby tool, Ezra.
  2. Nanodeath said about 8 hours later:
    Neat. Looks like a great simple system for a mini-cloud.
  3. Seth Chandler said about 8 hours later:
    I've been having trouble pulling the video - Have you thought about posting it on youtube or google video? what about hosting the wmv on s3?
  4. Ezra said about 11 hours later:
    sorry about the video speed. I don't have access to it but tomorrow will be able to get it on a high bandwidth server.
  5. Matt Jaynes said about 15 hours later:
    Great talk - thanks! I've mirrored the file (and changed the extension to .wmv). On mac I had to use VLC to play it and change the audio to Track 2 to hear it. It was definitely worth the effort though to get it downloaded and playing.
  6. Mihai said about 18 hours later:
    Matt Jaynes: Thanks, I downloaded it very fast.
  7. JamieD said about 20 hours later:
    Thanks for the mirror of the video Matt the original link is not working, guess its over loaded!
  8. Ben said 1 day later:
    Is the mirrored file broken? I completed the download and only got the first 8 minutes.
  9. jc said 1 day later:
    I converted the WMV to MP4 and attempted to resync the audio/video. Close enough :-) Should work much better
  10. Kevin said 4 days later:
    Just curious, did you look at other AMQP server implementations such as ZeroMQ ( Keep up the good work.
  11. Ezra said 4 days later:
    @Kevin yeah nanite only uses things from the AMQP 0.8 spec so any compliant AMQP server will work fine
  12. ed said 7 days later:
    I agree the mono community is bad, merb added a lot to the Ruby community. Thanks
  13. quotes said 8 days later:
    Great presentation, and great web framework. Thanks Ezra
  14. mariush said 12 days later:
    Fast as hell, sounds good for me ;) How fast?
  15. promotional codes said 15 days later:
    Way faster than rails, trust me!

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