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Posted by ezmobius Tue, 19 Aug 2008 22:51:00 GMT

We’ve got a few job openings I wanted to float out there for your consideration. Here are the listings:

Ruby Developer

Systems Engineer in Sacremento

Systems Engineer

We need another team member for the Vertebra project. You know ruby like the back of your hand and are interested in distributed systems as well as learning erlang.

Systems engineers work on our cluster systems and will help with our custom Gentoo linux build as well as be involved with the Load Balancers, Switching Fabric, Linux, Xen, Coraid and helping design the latest and greatest platform for running Ruby applications in the cloud.

If you think you have the chops for any of these jobs then we want to hear from you. Please send a resume and a short email describing who you are and why you kick ass to jarnold@engineyard.com and cc ezra@engineyard.com

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  1. raggi said 1 day later:
  2. Julian said 29 days later:
    You're Ezra, as in the boro blower?? I was looking into using merb and I recognized your name at the bottom of the page! I figured there weren't that many Ezra Zygmuntowicz's. Well, nice work!
  3. Ezra said 29 days later:
    @Julian- yeah I am that Ezra ;)

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