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Posted by ezmobius Mon, 02 Jun 2008 02:46:00 GMT

Here are the slides from my talk at RailsConf 2008. I’m too tired to write much more right this instant so I’ll let the slides talk. Rest assured you will here more about vertebra in the near future…

Here is a PDF of the slides if you are having trouble with the flash slideshare version:




  1. Justin said about 1 hour later:
    Very cool. There's always this gap between the development of new capabilities and the availability of tools and systems needed to actually make use of those capabilities. Nice to see that progress is being made there!
  2. Eric Davis said about 1 hour later:
    I didn't catch your talk, but Vertebra looks interesting. It's great that VMs solved the problem of not enough physical server space but now we have the problem of managing all of them. Many of the solutions I looked at were all script based and were really painful to setup.
  3. taerb said about 1 hour later:
    I think I can almost understand what you are talking about. In the end, it really comes down to web app push. I have played a bit with Juggernaut, Any suggestions on some reading to help a recent college grad catch up with basics of what you talked about? Looks like I have something to play with in grad school ! $) PS "should i use merb or rails? yes!" ~ classic
  4. Damian said about 2 hours later:
    Ezra, I have problems clicking on `Read moreā€¦` link for your posts in my RSS reader. The URLs are something like `urn:uuid:5db0f1d7-64f4-4e4b-b917-115416bf9672` which they probably shouldn't be.
  5. bryanl said about 8 hours later:
    I'm sad :( The slides are already gone.
  6. Samo said about 9 hours later:
    I will there about Vertebra what? ;o)
  7. Samo said about 9 hours later:
    @bryanl: Uh, what do you mean? The slides are still there. And it looks like a really cool thing that should make the lives easier a lot.
  8. Chris said about 9 hours later:
    I see the same thing. The slides have either been removed or made private by their owner. Bummer.
  9. Jeremy Pinnix said about 12 hours later:
    Looks like he has moved it here:
  10. Dave said about 12 hours later:
    Slides work fine for me...Awesome work, Ezra. Can't wait to see more.
  11. Ilya Grigorik said about 24 hours later:
    That looks awesome, can't believe I missed the presentation. Now waiting for more details, of course! ;)
  12. robert said 1 day later:
    it will be open sourced?
  13. Michael said 1 day later:
    Below the flash embed above there is a PDF download which still works.
  14. Ezra said 1 day later:
    Just to answer the question about Vertebra being open source or not. Yes vertebra will be open source, the ruby framework, the protocols and security stuff will all be open source. We may go with a commercial license on the workflow engine as that is a large piece of engineering but we have not decided yet. We want to get this out there and see what people do with it as I think there are limitless possibilities here. But we need to lock down the protocol and document everything and we are still experimenting with different parts of the system. I'd hope to have something to release in 4-6 weeks.
  15. marze said 1 day later:
    Really smart the way you try to use XMPP, and in fact makes a lot of sense to me right now, SSH just doesn't feel fully right to monitor process. It looks like magic, sitting there chatting with your servers. Very cool! These are the kind of things that I love from the ruby/rails community! Congrats!
  16. Nima Negahban said 1 day later:
    Why not build a terracotta style network heap with all that messaging capability and VM management?
  17. Hunter said 2 days later:
    That is flipping sweet! I'm impressed.
  18. Rick said 3 days later:
    Ezra, Cool stuff. This reminds me a lot of freebase (the guts of freeride) that Rich Kilmer & friends were doing; plus erlang, plus pointed at more servers. Rick
  19. Gavin said 3 days later:
    Ezra, at first I was curious when you started your talk by saying you weren't sticking to the original topic. You definitely delivered something just as interesting, if not more so. I've been thinking about how we manage the small set of servers in our "cluster" (nowhere near the # of servers you are managing) Vertebra seems to offer many options for building a new generation of tools.
  20. gilad said 7 days later:
    further details? 4-6 weeks is an eternity to wait ;)
  21. Mark said 8 days later:
    Axiomatic advantages over Condor? Condor with DAGman?

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