Posted by ezmobius Wed, 21 May 2008 22:13:00 GMT

There is a great tutorial/screencast about a new merb feature that I really like a lot called merb-slices. This is now part of merb-more, contributed by a long time friend of mine, Fabien Franzen(worked on ez-where with me)

merb-slices are “Little slices of MVC cake”. These are self contained merb apps with models, controlers, views and assets that you can distribute as rubygems. You can mount a merb-slice at a specific point in your router definition and you can override any part of the slice up in your main app. So in a way these are similar to what Rails-Engines promise, except merb-slices are built into the framework and will not break when merb itself is updated.

Check out the tutorial/screencast for a peek at how merb-slices work.

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  1. Joao said about 1 hour later:
    Sounds good. Even though I have my own framework which shares some similar features, merb is becoming more appealing every day, and it has many more hands to take care of it and a community for one thing. :-) I just have to take some time to explore merb in the soon future to see if I can kill my own framework sooner and then use merb forever and ever.
  2. Eivind Uggedal said about 11 hours later:
    Reminds me of the various applications that are available for Django.
  3. James Adam said about 13 hours later:
    Great to see framework support for this kind of development style :)
  4. Luis Lavena said 1 day later:
    Is excellent know this kind of stuff (the support for it) is part of merb-core and no need us to tweak too much :-D
  5. Sean Cribbs said 6 days later:
    That looks awesome. Much better than what we hacked into Rails for Radiant, and in line with John's rant on the subject.

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