EngineYard hires Evan Phoenix to work on Rubinius

Posted by ezmobius Thu, 24 May 2007 03:40:00 GMT

I’m really stoked about this. I think rubinius has so much potential that I am really happy to be able to support it. Starting next month Evan Phoenix is going to be working here at EY half time on ey tools and such and half time on rubinius.

For those of your who aren’t familiar with rubinius you can read a bit more about it here. It’s a new implementation of ruby done in a smalltalk style with a small core VM written in C and almost everyting else written in ruby. Really, even String and Array and definied in ruby. Rubinius is going to open up core ruby hacking to the masses as the internals won’t be a bunch of gnarly C code thats really hard to grasp.

There is still a lot of work to get rubinius to 1.0 status but hopefully hiring Evan will help speed the process. I think we have a great platform to abuse rubinius on here at EY to help it become production worthy.

I love my job folks. I get to play on phat hardware and get to hire some of the smartest hackers around. This is great!

Rubinius FTW!

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  1. Meekish said about 2 hours later:
    That's some great news. And that's about the clearest explanation I've heard on what makes Rubinius unique. It may not be the fastest implementation (and probably won't ever be), but if it's fast enough, then it could certainly be the most useful. Kudos!
  2. Dr Nic said about 2 hours later:
    Seeing Rubinius @ RejectConf certainly opened people's minds to many possibilities! Thanks for seeing the future and helping make it possible.
  3. josh said about 2 hours later:
    Ezra, congrats to you and Evan both. I think this is a great matchup, and makes both EY and Rubinius more interesting. I definitely gotta make some time to hack on Rubinius soon. Meekish: Doing Ruby on a Smalltalk style VM has a lot of advantages, but one of them is definitely the potential of a big speedup. There's been a lot of work done on high-performance Smalltalk VMs using JIT compilation and other cool tricks. Bringing Ruby closer to that model makes it easier to make Ruby run faster using those techniques.
  4. Chris said about 3 hours later:
    This is so very awesome. You guys rock.
  5. Tim Lucas said about 3 hours later:
    can't you just feel the love in this room?
  6. Tim Dysinger said about 5 hours later:
    That's cool. Half time support on Rub is very cool of EY. I was just working with it today.
  7. PJ Hyett said about 7 hours later:
    very cool
  8. Luke Melia said about 10 hours later:
    This rocks. Thanks.
  9. Carl Lerche said about 12 hours later:
    This is great news! I love how much support there is in the ruby community.
  10. Tom Preston-Werner said about 14 hours later:
    Rock on!
  11. Brian Ford said about 18 hours later:
    Ezra: Awesome! A huge personal thanks for helping to fund the revolution that will run on The Best Ruby VM Ever (tm). EY FTW!
  12. Marcus Crafter said about 19 hours later:
    Awesome news for everyone! Looking forward to seeing Rubinius grow even more!
  13. Rand said 1 day later:
    Excellent and very forward thinking. I'm constantly impressed with your work and actions, Ezra.
  14. Joe Ruby said 5 days later:
    Sounds slow...
  15. Cristian said 16 days later:
    How about using StrongTalk ideas? It's open source now!

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