BackgrounDRb now with ActiveRecord Goodness.

Posted by ezmobius Mon, 12 Jun 2006 22:18:00 GMT

Quick note here to announce a new release of the BackgrounDRb plugin. THis release adds the ability to easily work with your ActiveRecord models from your worker classes. I also added a config file that you can use to change the port and host as well as tell it whether or not to connect to the database and what environment to use when doing so.

Also worker classes are even easier to create now. You no longer have to deal with Threads yourself and the @logger object is automatically available to you. So now a worker class inherit from BackgrounDRb::Rails and looks like this:

class MyWorker < BackgrounDRb::Rails

  def do_work(args)
    # put your code in here to run your tasks.
    # this method is called when you create a 
    # new worker. No more dealing with Threads
    # yourself!


Home page:
svn repo: svn:// Mailing list:

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  1. Derek Haynes said 7 days later:
    Ezra, Thanks a ton for your work with helped form the core of our RailsDay 2006 application, Heartbeat, a web control panel for Rails applications:
  2. Ezra said 7 days later:
    Very cool Derek.
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  4. Brian Mulloy said 158 days later:
    Ezra, fantastic work on BackgrounDrb. We had a serious amount of iterative number crunching we wanted to do as part of our site, but the reponse times made it impossible. In one day (yesterday) we found your plugin, created a worker to wrap our crawler and got it deployed as it's own tier in our env. And your AJAX example with the progress bar makes the user experience seamless. Huge thanks! Great design.
  5. Jase said 189 days later:
    This is looking really good, I can't wait to getting a bit of time to look at this, especially considering that ActiveRecord barfs sometimes if you just hack together something using normal Ruby Threads due to the nature of the MySQL adapter.
  6. Schwarzer Tee said 199 days later:
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