BackgrounDRb gets a mailing list

Posted by ezmobius Tue, 30 May 2006 16:46:00 GMT

BackgrounDRb has spawned quite a bit of interest from people who need something like this. So I have set up an official rubyforge project for it. Everyone please get the latest version from the new url the old one is still there for now but will be gone soon.

There is also a mailing list started for discussion of using or extending the plugin for peoples needs. I plan on doing quite a bit of work on this and I have many features planned for the next version. So please do sign up for the mailing list to discuss how you are using this plugin. You can help shape the development of this micro-framework as it gets more mature.

You can find out more information or subscribe to the mailing list here:

Mailing List:
rubyforge project:

Install with:

$ script/plugin install svn://

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  1. Ben Curtis said about 3 hours later: has been updated with the new links.
  2. cremes said 3 days later:
    Is the mailing list actually active? I joined a few days ago and got the usual majordomo messages. However, I haven't seen any traffic on the list.
  3. Ezra Zygmuntowicz said 3 days later:
    THe mailing list is turned on and works but is not getting many messages yet. I suspect it will pick up soon as I have an article about BackgrounDRb that will be published soon.

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