RailsConf Talk Suggestions?

Posted by ezmobius Wed, 19 Apr 2006 19:27:00 GMT

I will be speaking about Rails Deployment amongst other things during my talk at RailsCONf this June in Chicago. I wanted to open up a discussion here about what the audience would like to have me cover.

So this is your chance to let me know what topics or issues you would like to hear about. Mostly the talk will cover deployment issues and server setups and whatnot. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve as well ;)

So tell me what you want me to talk about in the comments and you can help shape my presentation!

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  1. Zack Chandler said 16 minutes later:
    As you know many of us have used your "perfect rails stack" very successfully. I would love to see this updated and possibly made into a script to execute on a production server.
    Also it would be great to hear you talk about lighty/fcgi gotchas like polling so listeners don't get paged out of memory and bootstrapping lighty to restart on reboot, etc. Doing this isn't hard but I wonder if there is a best practices way to handle all these minor setup tasks. See you in Chicago!
  2. Stephen Caudill said about 21 hours later:
    I'd love to hear more about the finer points of tuning the services in the stack. For instance the how's and why's of configuring MySQL for best performance on a VPS type environment. I'm positive that I could be getting even better performance out of my apps than I currently am (though thankfully they're all snappy and stable enough for goodly usage on a daily basis). I've also used your "Perfect Rails Stack" tutorial to set up my first Debian server (long-time BSD'er) and it would be nice to see it updated... maybe even community updateable as in a wiki or similar.
  3. Ezra Zygmuntowicz said 1 day later:
    Yeah I do have an updated version of the perfect stack tutorial. It i much much nicer and more complete. It is going to be a chapter in my book on Rails Deployment. But I am going to make it available as one of the free sample chapters you can download from the pragprog's site once the book is in beta. I am pusing as hard as I can to go beta with the book before railsconf.
  4. Amr Malik said 6 days later:
    I'm willing to buy the unfinished book pdf now - with the updates to come. I hope prag-prog is going to use the same model as for the RoR book. Can't wait for the book! thanks for all your contributions to the Rails landscape and for releasing one of the best pieces of Rails documentation free of charge.
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